Working at Lavapotion

It’s all about the passion for making great strategy games. We create games that we would love to play ourselves, using SCRUM as our development methodology. Our ambition is to minimize the boring parts of our work. We do this by working with things like automated testing, structure that facilitates creativity and outsourcing most administrative tasks. We firmly believe in continuously building models that help us be effective and have more fun at work.

With that said, we are also firm believers in a healthy work / life balance. We sponsor and encourage employees to exercise. We work reasonable hours at a reasonable pace.

The process is equally important as the goal for us.


2D / Concept Artist
We are looking for a experienced and structured artist, to take responsibility for 2D graphic aspects of our upcoming strategy game Songs of Conquest. We can offer a full time freelance position in Gothenburg, or remote location, starting September 2019.

As 2D / Concept Artist you will design several of the games UI-related assets, such as portraits and icons. You will also create concept art for environments and buildings. The material you produce will range from “100% crisp and ready to be included in the game” to “Quick and dirty sketches of 5 different castles”.

You’ll work as part of our SCRUM team along with all other developers, ensuring that we remain true to our mission statement and on track to create an amazing game. As team we are always focused on the sprint target at hand, and we encourage team members to focus on what’s best for the game, not to necessarily stay within their safe zone.

Please note that while the game is using pixel art, we do not require you to be a pixel artist. We are looking for traditional 2D art. It is important for us to find an artist with a distinctive and original art style who matches the look of our fantasy world.

Work test 1:
Create a colour portrait of the following character. We are looking for something a bit more dramatic and vivid rather than plain and generic, so show off your style and creativity!

Cecilia Stouthart (A young and fierce medieval female knight)
As the youngest student to be accepted at the royal academy of war Cecilia was anointed as knight at the age of 15. From there on, she served as advisor to several baronies, perfecting their defenses and army composition. Some says she follows the footstep of empress Aurelia herself. One thing is for sure, she is a formidable wielder and masterful tactician.

Work test 2:
Create concept art for a Guard Tower that would fit with the current architecture of our faction called Arleon (see the image below as a design guide). The tower is initially a lookout tower, but can be upgraded to fire projectiles.


Please note, even if you only feel comfortable with doing one of the work tests, feel free to send an application anyhow, we might be able to split the work between two persons if need be.

Must haves:

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Traditional and computer art and design skills, including concept art experience

  • A good understanding of what makes a game visually appealing

  • Must be proficient with 2D applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

Nice to haves:

  • Experience of working with computer games development

  • Passion for strategy games

  • Game design experience

  • Unity experience

  • 3D art experience

  • UI and UX experience

  • Animation experience

  • Git/SVN experience

  • SCRUM experience

How to apply
Send your CV, work test and link to portfolio to Please note, we will not be able to get back to you until late August due to the holiday period.

Pixel artists
We are looking for experienced pixel artists to work with us on a freelance basis. Send an email to with a resume, link to your portfolio and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.